Using Technology to Elevate the Human Experience


Cole Wulterkens

Bringing Technology to You

Full System Support

I make sure we look at your total technology experience to make sure it’s appropriate for your needs.  Not everyone needs the latest gadget or whole-home automation.  Every conversation we have, I’ll listen to ensure all needs are met.

Service Where You Need It

Let’s face it – life is moving, and technology moves with us.  Support is needed remotely and in-person.  While not every issue can be solved remotely – I use any resource available to solve the issue where you are.

Custom Service Options

A solution for any budget.  I’m mindful of the eWaste we create and can show you that it is not always cheaper replace than it is to repair.  All quotes and diagnostics are completely free and transparent.

Reliable Security

All personal data is secured during any backup.  All customer information is encrypted and secured, never sold or shared.  I earn and build your trust with every service request.

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